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Tea Blends in Kaitstud

One of the things all the clans of Kaitstud agree on is the importance of tea. It is served at all occasions by all levels of society. There is something calming in the ritual of boiling water and pouring it over the chosen leaves or herbs. Tea is drunk at all times of the day and night, by groups and by individuals. You need no reason to brew up a pot of tea, beyond the desire to steep herbs in water and be renewed by their scent and flavour. Different groups favour different herb combinations, and these show the different aspects of the various regions.

Apple tea – a favourite of the cat clan, it is drunk in the evenings to encourage a good night’s sleep. Often mixed with honey.

Mint tea – a favourite of the fox clan, it is often after the meal to aid digestion. It is frequently mixed with chamomile, or nettle.

Dandelion and lavender tea – a favourite of the bear clan, it is often drunk when meeting friends as it is said to be better when shared.

Tumeric and orange tea – a favourite of the wolf clan, it is often drunk early in the day as it is said to set you up for success.

Balm, rose and hibiscus tea – a favourite of the dragon monarchy, after their fall it fell into disrepute and is no longer easily available.

Jasmine tea – this delicate flavoured tea is a specialty imported from across the sea. Highly sought after, it is treasured by those who obtain it. To be offered a cup is a high honour.

Ginger and lemon tea – available across the whole of Kaitstud, this is considered a remedy for most ills. If you don’t feel better after a cup of this, then there must be something seriously wrong.

Traders facilitate the distribution of each of these across the clan lands, and mix their own blends. So there are many more possibilities and it would take a lifetime to catalogue all the variants, especially as new combinations frequently pop up and fads for certain blends wax and wane. But through all that these core flavours hold fast. 

Clarissa Gosling

Clarissa has always lived more in the world of daydream and fiction than in reality. In her writing she explores purpose and belonging across worlds. Having never found her own portal to fairyland, she is resigned to writing about fantastical worlds instead.

She now lives in the Netherlands with her family, where she writes as much as they will let her. When not reading or writing, she drinks too much tea and has a burgeoning obsession with Bundt cakes.

Clarissa is the author of the “Dragons of Kaitstud” and “Lost Princess of Starlight” YA fantasy series, and the “Expat Life” series of non-fiction guides for families moving, and living, abroad.

She is an admin for the 365 Writing Challenge, an international writing support group that supports writers to build the habit of writing. And she is one of the co-hosts of the Reading Queens podcast, which discusses mainly young adult fantasy books and their major tropes.

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