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An Introduction to Dragongrass

Welcome to the world of Kaitstud. Dragons were custodians of the land, relying on their larger size and ability to flame to rule over the other inhabitants. Their ability to flame came from their ingestion of a special sort of grass, known as dragongrass. And dragons have a second stomach to digest it and produce flames.

What dragongrass looks like

Dragongrass has pointy green leaves, which are thin and very shiny. Their colour ranges from light fern to dark sage.

It grows in clumps, spreading across an area. Big clumps are knee high, while many others are smaller. They grow interspersed with normal grass, so unless you know what it is, you would assume that was what it was.

Types of dragongrass

There are three different types of dragongrass, which give the dragons different abilities when they flame. Each type is digested within their second stomach, and then expelled as fire. One is used for burning, one for healing and one for binding.

The healing grass is a light fern colour, and creates red flame. The burning grass is an emerald colour. This is the most prolific and creates yellow orange flame. The binding grass is a darker sage colour and produces purple flame.

Binding grass is the most useful, as it allows the dragons to do the most variety of things. They bind people together, ensuring their loyalty. First this was done with the boy dragons to their sister, for their role as her brother guards. It can also be used to link items together, to open locks, to create wards, and to bind powers.

Role in the overthrow of the dragons

Without dragongrass the dragons can’t produce flame. This was the secret that Queen Soovi explained to the humans hundreds of years ago, allowing them to help her capture her mad brother. Later they used the knowledge against her and the other dragons.

While a dragon is a fearsome beast, they relied on their ability to burn anyone they were fighting. This meant that they were at a disadvantage in closer combat, both because they were unused to it and because they were large and had difficulties manoeuvring round. When their ability to flame was taken from them they were able to be swarmed by the number of humans fighting them. Many humans lost their lives to rid Kaitstud of dragons.

But did they succeed? Rumours continue to swirl that a dragon survived and lives in the mountains at the centre of Kaitstud. But as there are no verified sightings this is scoffed at. Due to the difficulties of climbing the mountains to make sure, it is never investigated.

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Clarissa Gosling

Clarissa has always lived more in the world of daydream and fiction than in reality. In her writing she explores purpose and belonging across worlds. Having never found her own portal to fairyland, she is resigned to writing about fantastical worlds instead.

She now lives in the Netherlands with her family, where she writes as much as they will let her. When not reading or writing, she drinks too much tea and has a burgeoning obsession with Bundt cakes.

Clarissa is the author of the “Dragons of Kaitstud” and “Lost Princess of Starlight” YA fantasy series, and the “Expat Life” series of non-fiction guides for families moving, and living, abroad.

She is an admin for the 365 Writing Challenge, an international writing support group that supports writers to build the habit of writing. And she is one of the co-hosts of the Reading Queens podcast, which discusses mainly young adult fantasy books and their major tropes.

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